Valentine To Faith

By Victoria Foyt

Do unknown family patterns doom you to repeat the past? Can love and truth give you a fresh start at romance?

About Valentine To Faith

Angel del Corazon, a single mother, has a good life with her teenage daughter, Faith, on shell-encrusted Sanibel Island, even if it’s based upon a lie. Angel’s sacrifices and hard work will soon pay off when Faith sails off to college, hopefully changing the bedeviled family pattern of loss and longing. When Faith falls for an abusive man with strong beliefs, unknowingly repeating her mother’s mistakes, Angel questions her decision to hide the past. To win back her daughter’s trust, she must divulge her secrets, and in the process, open her heart or risk losing the man she loves. Along the way, the Sea Goddess Yemaya, as well as the Victorian shell craft of Sailors’ Valentines, bring healing for old wounds and hope for the future.