5 Reasons We Love Contemporary Romance Novels

5 Reasons We Love Contemporary Romance Novels

5 Reasons We Love Contemporary Romance Novels 500 293 adminvictoria

As fans of contemporary romance novels, we often feel the need to defend our favorite genre. Even though romance is probably the most popular, best-selling genre, there are many who look down on it. But we know that those who shun the subversive world of romance books are truly missing out.

Contemporary romance readers hail from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and demographics—and they read a lot. In the Nielsen’s Romance Book Buyer Report, data showed that 25 percent of buyers read romance more than once a week. Research also showed that the age range of romance readers is growing each year. In 2015, 44 percent of readers were between the ages of 18 to 44.

Here are a few reasons why so many readers stay loyal to the genre.

1. Me-Time

Many readers choose romance books because they’re easy to read and offer a chance to decompress. Unlike other books that may require you to use more brain power, romance is typically simple and easy to follow. Reading this genre allows you to really take a break and enjoy.

2. Relatable Characters

Books of this genre often feature characters and struggles that we can relate to. We get to see into another relationship—and not in a creepy way—and understand what characters are feeling and root for them to get that happy ending. What sets a lot of contemporary romance books apart is that the heroes are modern-day, strong women who are empowered in their lives and embrace their sexuality.

3. Escapism

Many of us read contemporary romance books for the pure, unadulterated escapism that they provide. The plots are typically different from our real lives, and therefore allow us to get out of our heads and escape. Romance novels also give us the opportunity to imagine ourselves in a protagonist’s shoes—being swept away, adored and ravished. Best of all, we can experience an entirely different world and journey from the comfort of home.

4. Hope & Inspiration

Romance books allow you to take a ride with characters as they fall madly in love while overcoming obstacles along the way. We can be inspired by everything in romance novels, from a couple’s passion and sizzling chemistry to the stops along their journey. These books give us hope to find our own beautiful love story or make our current one even better.

5. The Happy Ending

Romance novels promise the happy ending readers are looking for—without the stress. With books from other genres, there is no promise of how they will end. Will your favorite character die? Are you going to feel sad and depressed after reading? Not with romance—you’re typically guaranteed a happy ending.

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