3 Benefits of Reading Romance Novels

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3 Benefits of Reading Romance Novels

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If you’ve ever had a friend roll their eyes or felt a judgmental look thrown your way when you opened a romance book, rest assured that those throwing shade are missing out. Reading almost any genre is good for you, but some romance novels can have a positive impact that rivals even the best self-help books. In general, most celebrate love, instill hope and honor women—while making readers feel good—in a way that no other genre does.

Read on to discover three benefits of reading a good romance novel.

1. You Learn From the Characters

Reading romance books gives you the opportunity to live vicariously through the protagonist’s life. It offers you the chance to take a journey with the main character, witnessing her make mistakes, solve problems and overcome obstacles. You get to learn from both the heroine’s mistakes and successes in love, without enduring the associated pain. While the premises might be completely foreign to you, you can still learn important lessons that can be applied in real life. No matter your age or experience level, you can learn about communication, vulnerability and loyalty, and find ways to strengthen your own relationships, from romantic to those with family and friends.

2. Romance Novels Give You Perspective

Reading lets you learn about different people from different worlds and far-away places—including fictional worlds that no one has ever seen. You get to see inside the someone else’s thoughts, whether it’s a teen navigating their first encounter or a jaded divorcee who rediscovers hope and love along the way. You may gain fresh perspectives as well as relatable ones that show you that you’re not alone.

3. Happy Endings Make You Feel Good

Literature is designed to make you feel emotions for the characters and their experiences. While some books are meant to make the reader cry at the end, all romance novels have a happy ending. They provide pure escapism with the promise of love coming to fruition, often times against all odds. Romance novels are meant to instill hope, make you feel happy and inspire positivity about love itself. What other genre does that?

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