5 Reasons Why Mermaids Are So Cool

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5 Reasons Why Mermaids Are So Cool

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Throughout history, little girls and adults alike have been obsessed with mermaids. They’re the subject of everything from art and films to graphic novels and contemporary romance books. Mermaid toys and dolls top the best-sellers list in children’s stores and there are even mermaid schools across the globe, a testament to how many of secretly wish they could be one of these iconic, magical beings.

Here are five reasons why mermaids have so much appeal.

1. They Can Swim Forever

Mermaids live and thrive in all bodies of water and can swim for hours on end. They can travel across the world without ever getting out of the water. Mermaids also get to enjoy oceans and lakes without ever getting prune-like skin or greenish hair.

2. Mermaids Have an Epic History

Folklore involving mermaids span centuries and different cultures. There are myths about mermaids stemming from Roman, Chinese, Arabic, Greek and Hindu history, with the oldest one dating back as far as 1000 BC in Assyria. They take space in folklore ranging from the Greek’s Aphrodite, the Selkies of Scotland and the Orkney Islands to Ningyo of Japan, Iara of Brazil and Mami Wata of Africa. Few other characters have such rich cultures and backgrounds.

3. Inspire Incredible Art

There is so much art inspired by mermaids! Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Copenhagen every year to see Edvard Eriksen’s The Little Mermaid statue, a bronze creation depicting a mermaid becoming human just like the fairy tale. Countless books feature these mythical sea creatures and vast amounts of mermaid art is available everywhere from galleries to Etsy. Popular shows like Siren and Mako Mermaids are favorites across the globe and films like The Little Mermaid and Splash have become iconic classics.

4. They Can Be Good and Bad

Mermaids can be good, bad or somewhere in between. Ariel, the hero of The Little Mermaid, saves Prince Eric after a stormy shipwreck. Yet in Homer’s The Odyssey, the story of the Greek hero Odysseus, the Sirens were evil. In the Harry Potter books, mermaids held prisoners during the Triwizard Tournament. In Splash, Daryl Hannah’s Madison is the sweet, innocent and beautiful dream woman of Allen Bauer, Tom Hanks’ breakthrough role.

5. Mermaids Get What They Want

Mermaids possess incredible wiles and charisma that no one can resist. Their quintessential beauty and beautiful hair, coupled with their mesmerizing singing, give them the power to lure even the most resistant man to do whatever they want.

Mermaids are prevalent in much fiction today across many genres. View information about Valentine to Faith, one of the most unique contemporary romance books of the year that pays homage to one of the most famous mermaids of all, Yemaya.

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