How to Live Like a Mermaid

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How to Live Like a Mermaid

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Living like a mermaid is one of the most magical paths you can take—and you don’t have to travel the depths of the sea to do it. There are so many ways to infuse mermaid magic into daily life, from swimming in the ocean regularly and reading mermaid fiction to dressing and acting the part.

Below are a few ways to live like a mermaid and experience whimsical magic and mystique every day.

Swim, Mermaid, Swim!

Mermaids should spend as much time swimming and surrounded by water as possible. Full-sea immersion is not always necessary; just being close to water gives mermaids life force. Swim in the ocean whenever you can or simply walk on the beach, getting your toes wet. If there is no ocean nearby, a swim in a lake, river or swimming pool is a great substitute. If you are landlocked, schedule vacations at the shore whenever you can so that you smell the salt water and feel it against your skin while you are absorbed by the melodic waves.

Surround Yourself With Nature

Get outdoors often and surround yourself with nature by walking in parks, hiking or relaxing in your yard or on your patio, in addition to spending time in the water. It’s important for mermaids to get plenty of sun and fresh air—always wearing sunscreen, of course.

Be Kind to Sea Creatures & Animals

Mermaids have a deep respect for creatures of the sea and are known for their compassion for all animals, big and small. They are also depicted throughout much historical literature as defenders of the ocean. Spend time with and be kind to all sea life and animals you come into contact with. Visit aquariums regularly and consider volunteering at one or an animal shelter—or both.

Read Mermaid Fiction

Get inspired by reading mermaid fiction like Valentine to Faith. When we read about mermaids, we’re consuming stories about strong women; not just their beauty and wiles. Reading their stories teaches you about their power and magic, while immersing yourself in fantasy and experiencing a deliciously healthy form of escape.

Adopt Healthy Practices

Start the day right with a few minutes of stretching followed by a meditation, just like mermaids do after emerging from a long rest in their shell beds or underwater palaces. Eat healthy, whole foods and exercise every day. Find and commit to a hobby that stimulates your creativity while relaxing your mind so you can always be in a zen, mermaid-like state. Don’t take yourself or life too seriously—mermaids want to have fun!

Exude Mermaid Style

You don’t need a tail to exude mermaid style—you can apply mermaid-inspired makeup and wear your hair loose and free. Choose dresses in mermaid silhouettes to turn heads on all occasions. Wear vivid emerald, sea-green and blue shades for a beautiful, vibrant look that will make a splash anywhere. Purple and pink hues are also favored by mermaids.

Be Your Magical Self

Mermaids are magical and unique—just like you! Embrace your beautiful self and your individuality and be confident that you are making a splash wherever you go.

We hope you adopt some of these fun tips so that you can live your best mermaid life!

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