The Fancy Shell Shoppe in Sanibel Island, Florida

The Fancy Shell Shoppe in Sanibel Island, Florida

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My Dear Angel,

You couldn’t know what’s been hidden for so long in my heart. Nor will you read this sentimental letter or the silly poem that I shall attach. Instead, I will place them in the desk drawer along with many others I have written to you since you first cast a spell over me.

For one incredible moment I thought you might return my affection. We danced in the sultry summer heat on your porch, you swaying in my arms, my body vibrating with delicious expectation. Perhaps the champagne wore down your resistance or perhaps the slivery light of the moon infected us with such giddiness. How cruel when you turned away from my kiss, a kick in the gut like I have never known.

My darling, I sense a great burden on your shoulders, one I would happily share. How can I win your trust? If only I could trace for you the winds of time and chance that have conspired to bring us to these same shores, you would fall into my arms, as I have imagined a million times. And yet I keep my distance, as I must. Until one day, I hope, you will let me love you.

For now I must withdraw even as the great sun descends on another day. Already the moon, that great glowing sorceress, waits in the wings to mock my foolish heart. Moonlight is for lovers, she whispers, and I am alone, waiting for your kiss.


I Await Your Kiss

In the rising dawn you approach
Like Salome’s spangles your smile bedazzles
Sunlight plays on the dimpled ocean
Hope beckons me in the rosy light
Your voice I hear in the gentle brush of waves
Softly you whisper, Come to me
Yet the mystery of you remains
A trick of shadow and desire
The day ebbs and flows with hints of love
Go to her, I tell myself
In the crepuscular light my courage fails
I grow old awaiting your kiss
You hide behind the moon in a veil of white
Like an anxious bridegroom I strain for a glimpse
To touch the pearly gleaming shimmer
To inhale the sweet jasmine lingering in the air
And when my pen is dry
I fear the cool dark shadows will sweep you away
While the sunrise shoulders onward
My longing lost in the tide

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