Why We Read Romance Novels

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Why We Read Romance Novels

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When it comes to books, romance is one of the most popular genres—and for good reason. Romance novels provide an escape from the world—a true necessity during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. They offer the perfect way to pass time, whether you’re waiting in line, on your lunch break or enjoying a beach vacation.

The romance genre often gets a bad rap and is even snubbed by the literary elite. Yet once you look past their notoriously cheesy covers, you can sometimes learn as much as you would from a textbook or historical series. At the very least, romance novels help expand your perspective. While other genres have their obvious conventions, romance books often blend elements of fantasy, history, sci-fi, erotica and magical realism, among others, giving you a richer, more entertaining and well-rounded experience.

Here are three reasons to read romance novels:


What better way to take a break than with a good book? What sets romance apart from other genres is the heroine’s magical journeys that always culminate in happy endings. They give us the chance to live vicariously—sometimes in surreal and fantastic worlds—and find ways to relate our own lives.

The Heroines Win

One of the beautiful things about romance novels is that the heroines always win! While the protagonists face many obstacles throughout their journey, they attain their heart’s desire no matter what. Whether they experience redemption or exact revenge along the way, they always end up in the arms of the hottie they were dreaming of.

Romance Novels Give Us Hope

Even though romance books often have unrealistic premises, they instill hope that we too can prevail over obstacles standing between us, love and our dream life. While they may not be a typical reflection of reality, they remind us that we all deserve love and happiness, regardless of past transgressions. They let us see the opportunities and potential paths moving forward while imagining ourselves immersed in a completely different world. Romance novels also allow readers to witness catharsis in its purest form as the protagonist’s arc develops, transforming their belief systems and self-awareness without sacrificing their humanity.

Most importantly, the main prerequisite of all romance novels is that happy ending. This allows us to be present and enjoy the entire journey, because we don’t have to worry about where we will end up.

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