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The Dangerous Allure of Mermaids

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Mermaids have never gone out of style. From Ariel in The Little Mermaid to Daryl Hannah’s iconic performance of Madison in Splash, these amphibious beauties have captivated people of all ages for thousands of years. Yet everything from literature dating back centuries to recent films like The Lure and The Lighthouse, and even hit television…

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Excerpt From Valentine to Faith

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SANIBEL ISLAND, FLORIDA SUMMER 1985 From her kitchen, Angel clocked the sound of Max’s wagon heading home. She cleared her supper and went to the porch to wait until six p.m., the time she judged best to arrive on his doorstep. Any later would put her in the way of his class, any earlier gave…

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A Mermaid Lends a Helping Hand

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By Victoria Foyt My name is Nerida and, like the proverbial letter-in-a-bottle that for centuries my kind have found on distant shores, I am sending out my thoughts to gather hope and encouragement for my human’s predicament. I would be grateful if you would read this with an open heart and offer your support. Who…

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magical realism

The Midwest Book Review

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Come to me, my love. Bad omens and poor decisions have plagued one woman’s life. Now they threaten to spill into the next generation’s experiences. Valentine to Faith opens in 1985 Florida, where single mother Angel del Corazon leads a good (if not deceptive) life with her daughter Faith, on Sanibal Island. Faith is set to…

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