Sailors' Valentine

Tilly Kemble & The Saving Grace of Sailors’ Valentines

Tilly Kemble & The Saving Grace of Sailors’ Valentines 500 334 adminvictoria

I was a wreck when I landed in Key West like one of those sailboats smashed on the shore in a hurricane. Ha! Hurricane Tilly, I’d made a mess of my life back in Edgartown. My people worked the shrimp boats, never owned any, just worked them. Even today the sight of shrimp makes me…

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Nature, Antidote to Stress

Nature, Antidote to Stress 1024 683 adminvictoria

By Victoria Foyt In our shifting times of change with polar political ends, rising economic inequality, alarming climate change and the loss of communities, where can we find solace? You might try a yoga class or mindfulness app or even a gourmet marijuana edible to calm your ever-growing anxiety. At best, the re-entry of our…

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Magical realism

The Magic of Seashells

The Magic of Seashells 500 333 adminvictoria

By Victoria Foyt What is it about the power of shells that moves us to collect them? No doubt the souvenir of a pleasant day at the beach or the sheer beauty that some species present entices. And yet, I wonder if in our bones we suspect a shell may hold the awesome power of…

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Sailors' Valentines

The History of Sailors’ Valentines

The History of Sailors’ Valentines 434 393 adminvictoria

Sailors’ Valentines are magical. Their story of origin evokes images of lonely—sometimes lovestruck—sailors passing the hours during long sea voyages by creating these gifts for their loved ones. These painstakingly handcrafted pieces made the perfect gift for sailors’ loved ones when they returned from their journeys. Sailors’ Valentines are a form of shell art that…

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Sailors' Valentines

My Love Affair With Sailors’ Valentines

My Love Affair With Sailors’ Valentines 500 333 srvvsa

I don’t recall the first time I saw a Sailors’ Valentines, but I do remember the feeling. It was like falling in love. First, let me explain that I love handicrafts. In high school, when time was easy, I often sewed pretty clothes and created hand-built ceramic pots. I come from a long line of women who knitted or tatted or embroidered or sewed beautiful things, many of which I still own.

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A Quiet Moment For A Sunrise Tellin

A Quiet Moment For A Sunrise Tellin 800 600 srvvsa

By Victoria Foyt
Seashells represent many things to different people. Throughout history in different cultures, shells have been used as money or ceremonial objects or ornamentation. If you shore off the tip of a Queen conch, you can even use it as a trumpet. Some island cultures have used the makeshift musical instrument to spread news or send urgent warnings.

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