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3 Benefits of Reading Romance Novels

3 Benefits of Reading Romance Novels 1024 683 adminvictoria

If you’ve ever had a friend roll their eyes or felt a judgmental look thrown your way when you opened a romance book, rest assured that those throwing shade are missing out. Reading almost any genre is good for you, but some romance novels can have a positive impact that rivals even the best self-help…

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The Magical Power of Seashells

The Magical Power of Seashells 500 331 adminvictoria

Seashells have captivated children and adults alike for centuries. In some religions and occult practices, these beautiful, timeless entities are considered otherworldly treasures with magical powers. Since seashells are found on the shore, revealed after the tide changes, they are believed to have sprung up from the space between two worlds: the earth and sea.…

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Why We Read Romance Novels

Why We Read Romance Novels 1024 695 adminvictoria

When it comes to books, romance is one of the most popular genres—and for good reason. Romance novels provide an escape from the world—a true necessity during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. They offer the perfect way to pass time, whether you’re waiting in line, on your lunch break or enjoying a beach vacation. The…

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The Origin of Mermaids

The Origin of Mermaids 1024 725 adminvictoria

Mermaids have fascinated children and adults alike for centuries. These mysterious creatures are the subject of legends, folklore and even contemporary books and films. To this day, modern religions including Hinduism and Candomble worship these half-woman, half-fish entities as deities and goddesses. Where does the legend of mermaids come from and did they really exist?…

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5 Reasons We Love Contemporary Romance Novels

5 Reasons We Love Contemporary Romance Novels 500 293 adminvictoria

As fans of contemporary romance novels, we often feel the need to defend our favorite genre. Even though romance is probably the most popular, best-selling genre, there are many who look down on it. But we know that those who shun the subversive world of romance books are truly missing out. Contemporary romance readers hail…

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The Allure of Contemporary Romance Novels

The Allure of Contemporary Romance Novels 500 333 adminvictoria

For decades, the best-selling fiction genre has been romance, with contemporary romance novels leading the pack. Even during economic downturns, readers of all ages and genders continue to buy romance books. They’re a draw for bibliophiles across the board—while women make up the largest number of romance readers, studies show that men also enjoy the…

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5 Reasons Why Mermaids Are So Cool

5 Reasons Why Mermaids Are So Cool 799 1024 adminvictoria

Throughout history, little girls and adults alike have been obsessed with mermaids. They’re the subject of everything from art and films to graphic novels and contemporary romance books. Mermaid toys and dolls top the best-sellers list in children’s stores and there are even mermaid schools across the globe, a testament to how many of secretly…

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12 Cool Facts About Sea Turtles

12 Cool Facts About Sea Turtles 1024 743 adminvictoria

Sea Turtles play a role—almost like that of a supporting character—in Valentine to Faith, an award-winning contemporary romance book published in 2020. They’re so magical and fascinating, we thought we’d share some of the features that make them so awesome. Here are 12 cool facts about sea turtles. 1. They Have Their Own Holiday June…

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8 Facts About Mermaids

8 Facts About Mermaids 761 1024 adminvictoria

For centuries, humans have had an undeniable fascination with mermaids. From Greek mythology and contemporary mermaid fiction to TV shows and Disney movies, these mythical sea goddesses hold a place in human and cultural consciousness. While modern-day versions are beautiful and magical, mermaids have a rich history that includes depiction as everything from sirens and…

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Blow Your Sea Horn

Blow Your Sea Horn 1024 683 adminvictoria

By Victoria Foyt The first time I heard the blowing of a conch shell I was visiting Key West, Florida while researching elements of the novel that would become Valentine to Faith. On that sunny summer day, I found myself at the large concrete buoy that marks the southernmost point of the continental United States,…

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